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The turtle walks at Sebastian Inlet State Park are a memorable experience that allow our guests to learn about, observe and hopefully see the nesting and egg-laying process of a loggerhead sea turtle.

Walks are conducted on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights between June 1 and July 31 each year.

Space is limited to 18 people per night. Reservations are required.

Cost is a $10.00 donation per person, paid in advance, to reserve your space.

You are responsible for your own transportation to the Sebastian Fishing Museum. Additional details will be provided once you have made a reservation.

Turtle Walk Information (Things You Need to Know Before Reserving a Space)

Please read the following information before making your turtle walk reservation. By checking the box below, you confirm that you have read and understand that:

  • The Minimum Age is 7 years old;
  • Walks can go as late as 1 AM, though they usually finish around midnight;
  • You may need to walk up to 3 miles in soft sand;
  • It will be dark, there can be mosquitoes, sand fleas, and no-see-ums; and
  • Reservations may not be able to be changed; and
  • No refunds.
Turtle Walk Reservations Open May 1

The turtle walk educational programs are conducted under a state permit and should not be attempted without a state permitted guide.

Sebastian Inlet State Park Sea Turtle Walk Statistics:

2019 is the40th year of turtle walks at Sebastian Inlet State Park.

  • 2018, on 84% of the turtle walks we saw a loggerhead turtle.
  • 2017, on 86% of the turtle walks we saw a loggerhead turtle.
  • 2016, on 95% of the turtle walks we saw a loggerhead turtle.
  • 2014 & 2015: 79% of the turtle walks saw a loggerhead turtle.